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I can’t say I experience a dating funk with either gender more than the other,  However, I will say I struggle to get my mojo back with women than I do with men, so I present to you my top 5 tips to end a Dating Funk

Dating Funks. UGH. I think I heard a collective sigh. No one likes them, but everyone experiences them, yes even “hot chicks” go through dry spells. Now I know they rarely last a gazillion days but boy it when in one it sure feels like it’s been gazillion years since you’ve had a date. You start to forget when was the last time your lips felt a kiss, or even that some random sranger gave you a second look. Hell, I’d take an accidental brush up just to have some contact.

I know for myself the longer the spell goes on, the more nights I have where I’m lying in my bed having that self-talk convoy trying to figure out what is going on. It usually goes something like this; “what the hell am I doing wrong? Do I smell? Is it my short hair?” Eventually, I had to come up with a new game plan. I clearly had to switch things up if I ever wanted to touch a human again. After a little trial and error, I came up with these 5 dating tips that killed the Sahara and brought a flood of dates.

  •  Be Funny! There is a reason Marilyn Monroe said if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. IT’S TRUE. Don’t believe me? Try it. Go on give it a go, just remember to come back and say. Yes, Synn, you were right. Funny is good. In a recent Cosmopolitan, poll woman ranked funny above every other quality when looking for a partner. Funny is not something to overlook. But two killers that will surely keep you dateless and relationship-less: 1. You can’t be fake funny. Ok. Women smell that a mile away. They aren’t a comedy show. They don’t want performance. Trying too hard stinks of desperation and will only lead to more nights alone. 2. You can’t be mean funny. Don’t make fun of people, even if it’s funny as hell. Just don’t. They don’t have that type of humor. Just be naturally funny, and it’s not that hard to do, just be able to laugh at yourself, and your wacky quirks and you are good to go. Share that good stuff; she will start to share hers, and you will both be wacky while bonding over laughter and building up that chemistry. This is a locked in winner as long as your jokes or stories aren’t fart or bodily function related.


  • Engage in relevant outside of your little world type of conversations. According to Forbes, study women love those that are worldly. That doesn’t mean you have to know who the president of Lima is and name off his entire family; it just means you have to know a general state of things around your city and the world. Women like to know that you are in tune with more than the five blocks that surround your home, work and local hangout. Here’s a little secret, even if they know the answer, women like to turn to their partners for answers. She wants you to be knowledgeable enough about the world to help her understand how you see it, and it feels pretty awesome when she does, especially when she’s hanging on your every word. Don’t know about you, but that gets me going. But don’t go overboard. Don’t appear to be bragging or arrogant. That will kill any and all relationship potential.


  • Whatever you do, be the first to start the convo but for the love of all things sexy don’t start with a compliment. Look, women hear compliments from strangers all day, and it puts their guard up. Ironically six months into something and a compliment better be flying out of your mouth the second you see her, but in the beginning, it’s a convo killer. Just strike up a random conversation. Practice that before you go out with her. I call them mental scripts. Have 5 of them ready for each date. Start with one of them. Hold the compliment; occasionally I get away with an abrupt stop in the middle of a statement to throw in a compliment. “So Jeff was juggling everything insisting he didn’t need help” (pause, deep breath, look at her) “Wow, your eyes are stunning, sorry, I just had to get that out. Anyways Jeff, who at this point has a pool of bets going against him.” I don’t recommend mid convo compliment if your instincts suck. It takes finesse; you want her to be thinking “Well, my looks weren’t the first thing noticed” not “Omg apparently not even capable of finishing a story without wanting to fuck me.” So if you can’t gauge it wait until the end of the story to say something that not only shows you were listening but also pays the compliment you’ve been dying to say, something like: “He really should have just take the help, but your gorgeous eyes are distractingly mesmerizing.”


  • Dress to impress. Here is a great rule of thumb; handle your personal life the same way you manage your professional life. Dress to impress for the job interview, or it you can forget the job, well the same goes for women. Don’t worry, Netflix and chill with the sweats are around the corner but in the beginning, especially on a first date; do not whip out the weekend bumming around the house outfit, leave it in the closet. You want the chemistry-building experience. You want to show her that looking good for her is important to you. Dress according to where you are going, and look sharp and polished. Now this is the crucial part. Shoes. Some women judge by the quality of shoes one wears. Are they looking like they’ve seen better days? Toss them and get something sharp. She doesn’t care if that’s your only pair, she just cares that you have an excellent pair, and she was worthy of you putting them on for your date.Do something that shows her you went out of your way just for her. Now the shoe thing will impress, but she will assume those are your generic date shoes. When someone goes out of their way to make a woman feel special, or does something that she sees as above and beyond she is instantly attracted even if she wasn’t on the fence prior. Women love feeling special, and they love it when it’s simple, genuine and sweet. They aren’t looking for extravagantly generous either. They are looking for you bringing something small, relevant only to her, perhaps something she mentioned on your first call/text. This will seriously impress her. Trust me. Women like to be heard and helped; simple acts of consideration are sure fire ways to at the very least get a second date and almost definitely a first. Next time you see a woman at the gas station that you want to strike up a convo with clean the snow off her car or make your way over (don’t be creepy) and ask if can pump her gas. Watch the reaction to this simple and kind gesture.

The point? When it comes to attracting women, the key is to cater to their emotional side. When you can make a lady feel those warm and fuzzy feelings around you, that is going to increase her chances of being attracted to you. No matter how you achieve it, whether it’s by making her laugh, making her feel good or only taking the time to going out of your way to do something nice for her, it’s these little things that will slowly start to build the long-lasting chemistry and attraction. Soon enough it’s bye-bye to the Sahara, and hello rainforest and when that happens head over here to be awesome!

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Miss Synn is a well known former FemDom tattoo loving kinkster based out of Toronto, Ont. With 20 years experience in the world of sex it’s no wonder the former polyamourous CamModel has been published twice, been interviewed online for two magazines and spent two years as a co-host on kink podcast. Currently while working on her degree Miss Synn offers mentoring programs and website services to budding cam models and service provider as well as clases for couples reconnecting to intimacy/BDSM safety all the while enjoying a ridiculously happy and filthy monogamous life with her Boy.


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