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Down the Rabbit Hole we go

LilMissSynn at Ace and Sword Tattoo getting her Alice in Wonderland tattoo worked on

Curiousier and Curiousier

Nothing kills the authenticity of an individual like a well-contrived self-promo blurb in 300 words or less. That’s not even a morning in my life. I’m Synn and this is my blog with a little store attached. I may know a thing or two about Alice in Wonderland, Sex, Kink, BDSM, Interpersonal Relationships, Bondage, Acting, Sexual Wellness, DIY crafts, Human Rights, Trucking, Adult Industry, Marketing, Modeling, Peer Support, Cats, Moving, Onesies, and Quora. The one thing you must know is I NEVER pay full price for ANYTHING and now neither will you. The rest you’ll just have to unravel as you travel down the rabbit hole with me.

My mind is filled with beautiful chaos.

 I am in constant pursuit of that which provides knowledge,

and that which holds my fascination.

Gracefully dancing along the edge of madness,

with the energy of the universe coursing through my veins,

I remain motionless in Flux.

I am a wild child.

Unconventional and Bizarre.

Getting younger as I get older.

Knowing less the more, I learn.

Always wanting more of nothing.

Except him.

I can never get enough of him.

He is something and so becomes everything.

Down the rabbit hole we go..

into the madness that can never truly be known.