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10 Ways To Be an Awesome Partner


Maybe you are hovering around being a  great partner but you know you can be an awesome partner but aren’t sure how, or perhaps you know that circumstances of daily life ups and downs have affected the quality of your relationship and you want to turn it around or maybe  you are just prepping for what’s to come, doesn’t matter. All that matters is you are ready to be an awesome partner. Below are 10 ways level you up to awesome partner status,

1.Don’t be lazy: The relationship often takes a back seat as the time rolls on but to be on that next level you have to bring that commitment back up to the front seat and buckle it in with cement. Try to do few things that you did during the honeymoon phase of your relationship, write them down or brainstorm some new ideas to get that reconnection then implement.


2.  Communicate Freely: We have yet to achieve mind reading so open up with your wants and needs.We often assume that our partner knows because we know, but that’s very rarely the case. Ask everything, and I’m referring to everything including sexual and emotional needs.

3. Know Your Partner: Tune yourself with the partner by knowing about him/her. It is the best way to make significant changes within you so that you can resonate with your partner. Know what your partner likes, what excites him/her and anything else you can.

4. Develop Trust: You have to establish trust with your partner to spend life happily with each other. It’s that simple. None of this will work without trust.

5. Be a Great Listener: It is not just about listening to what your partner is saying it’s  paying attention to the message. Do not be judgemental and sensitive to what your partner is saying. Listen carefully and ask for the clarification if required. Share what you heard with your partner to avoid any miscommunication. Don’t know how to listen? Check out my post on empathy Quora for some tips.

6. Appreciate: Little words like thank you and sorry keep a relationship healthy. Appreciate your partner and never take him/her for granted. Show how much you care. Show how much happy you are by having him/her in your life. Look for all the positive things and compliment whenever possible.

7. Support: No matter what and where make sure to help your partner even if you do not believe in something they may believe. Be the number fan of your partner to enhance their confidence. Know the goals or dreams of your mate and support them in achieving their dreams.

8. Integrity: This one is crucial, and it keeps every relationship alive if followed. If you have promised to do something, make sure to do it. If you think your partner is doing more work than you, try to extend your helping hand, always. Say what you mean and do what your say. Stand behind your actions when you fuck up and apologize and you own them because there is NO place for lies and or abandonment.

9. Sexual Intimacy: You have to build and foster the sexual intimacy by talking about it, therefore discuss what you need in bed and trust each other. If you don’t share the same needs talk to each other and brainstorm how to work around, so both parties feel heard. Keep your sex zone free of judgment and disdain, and remember having a fantasy is not because you are lacking in providing anything. Finally always remember the fantasy was there before you even showed up.

10. Go on vacations: Various kinds of work and daily life distractions leave very less room and energy to spend quality time with each other. Therefore, make sure to go out on vacations after every month or 60 days.I’m not talking flying across the country. Little mini getaways, heck stay in a hotel for a night. Drive up to a local B&B, anything.  It will keep up the spice in your relationship, and both of you can get to know each other quite perfectly.

In conclusion:   Most of all being an awesome partner boils down to this; staying committed, empathizing,  adapting, loving and most importantly being vulnerable.  If you aren’t doing something from the list then giddy-up and start. These really are pretty basic but the world we live in make things murky and we always backburner ourselves and loved ones. Being an awesome partner is about not letting life dictate what’s important, but rather you telling life what’s important. Do yourself a favor and try some of these suggestions and you’ll be the awesome partner that everyone envies.