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My Latest Bedroom Accoutrements

The Boho look for less than 50$
Cozy as fuck

My Room Is My Sanctuary.

To say I am not fond of the paint scheme nor the condition of the walls in my new condo would be an understatement and to say my landlord couldn’t give two shits wouldn’t be, however, I was given permission to paint the place myself if I was so inclined. I was damn inclined because my pro painter was cheap and amazing. Flash forward to the time to start the job and he’s MIA. So given that I lost my  RIDICULOUSLY cheap painter and that being under “school” lights every day is killing my soul more so this semester than last the transformation of the sanctuary has begun and this time I’m letting y’all know where I got everything as I go along. So far less than 50 bucks spent on Amazon all arriving same day thanks to Amazon Prime! If you are not using Amazon Prime you are missing out! Seriously 10 bucks a month for free movies, free same day shipping, free music and deals on everything they sell..for 10 bucks a month! Ummm YES PLEASE! I save sooo much $ it’s ridiculous!  Check it out for Free for 30-Day,  you’ll love it! Stay tuned for another update I just ordered a couple of things before this post, they should be here this afternoon 🙂

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Synn Stats and Facts

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People Who Ask if My Ink is Legit

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FemDom_LilMissSynnLife & Love • I’m allergic to most fruit and extreme sun conditions, don’t offer me either. I will be insulted; I’ve already told you I can not have any of it. • Out of all the people in the world who may or may not hold an opinion about me, only 0.01% truly matter. You know who you are. • I love cartoons and gaming and have very little time for either .• Do not judge me by your standards, chances are we don’t share the same ones and you’ll only be disappointed. • I fear rats/mice above all other things. I will insult them, making spitting noises towards them and even celebrate their death. • I swear like a fuckin sailor. • I’m dirty like a fuckin sailor too. • Under no circumstances ever serve me weak coffee. Go out and get the good shit, or don’t offer me any.


FemDom_LilMissSynnInk & Kink • I make up words to suit my needs. • It often appears as if I’m full of contradictions, don’t be fooled, the wise man considers both sides without partiality and learns to follow two courses at once. • I’m not for beginners. • My memory is not recorded by date or time or even names, and I have a hard time adapting things to fit that method of defining moments, places and people. I do my best not to make assumptions, it narrows the fields of possibilities too drastically. In my world I speak my thoughts, then follow-up with my actions, there is no need for ambiguity. • Instant gratification disgusts me, especially when I find myself chasing it.

Welcome to My Wonderland

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